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X Scale, D ScaleC ScaleRatioNote
Ø Ø 1:1 mother tincture (undiluted)
1X, D1 1:10 described as low potency
2X, D2 1C 1:100 called higher potency than 1X by homeopaths
6X, D6 3C 10−6  
8X, D8 4C 10−8 allowable concentration of arsenic in U.S. drinking water
12X, D12 6C 10−12
24X, D24 12C 10−24 Has a 60% probability of containing one molecule of original material if one mole of the original substance was used.
60X, D60 30C 10−60 Dilution advocated by Hahnemann for most purposes; patient would need to consume 1041 pills (a billion times the mass of the Earth), or 1034 gallons of liquid remedy (10 billion times the volume of the Earth) to consume a single molecule of the original substance

Moreover, since even in a 15C solution there would very likely be no molecules of the original substance left, the 30C solution would probably contain no molecules of water that had come into contact with the original substance.

400X, D400 200C 10−400 Dilution of popular homeopathic flu remedy Oscillococcinum

Note: the "X scale" is also called "D scale".

1X = D1, 2X = D2, etc.


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